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Z-Bar Flashing - Bent, galvanized metal flashing that's installed above a horizontal trim board of an exterior window, door, or brick run. It prevents water from getting behind the trim/brick and into the home.

Zebrawood - The mottled or striped wood of several trees, such as various leguminous African timber trees with pale golden heartwood uniformly striped with dark brown or black.

Zenith - The highest or culminating point.

Zero Ice - Trade name for dry ice. (See Dry Ice).

Zero-Bedroom Dwelling - Any residential dwelling in which the living areas are not separated from the sleeping area. The term includes efficiencies, studio apartments, dormitory or single room occupancy housing, military barracks, and rentals of individual rooms in residential dwellings.

Zeta - A closed or small chamber; a room over a church porch where documents were kept.

Z-Furring Channel - A Z-formed metal channel for mechanically attaching gypsum board and insulation material on masonry walls.

Ziggurat - A stepped pyramid, as in the sacred architecture of Western Asia in antiquity.

Zigzag - Making short and sharp turns; in architecture, especially in the moldings in arched door heads of Romanesque style.

Zinc - (1) A bluish white crystalline metallic element of low to intermediate hardness that is ductile when pure but in the commercial form is brittle at ordinary temperatures and becomes ductile on slight heating. (2) Zinc, as galvanizing, is widely used as a protective coating for iron and steel. (3) Zinc is used extensively as paint pigment.

Zinc Chromate - Bright yellow pigment which chemically is substantially zinc chromate, although its precise composition is rather complex. Its chief use is in anti-corrosive paints and primers for steel. Same as Zinc Yellow.

Zinc Dust - Finely divided zinc metal, gray in color; used primarily in metal primers.

Zinc Oxide - Substance used as a white pigment for high-hiding power hardness and gloss. Reduces yellowing, increases drying; provides resistance to sulfur fumes and mildew. Used with linseed oil for self-cleaning exterior paints.

Zinc Phosphate Coating - Treatment used on steel to improve adhesion of coatings.

Zinc Plating - The electro-deposition of zinc or zinc alloys to provide galvanic corrosion protection.

Zinc Rich Primer - Anti-corrosive primer for iron and steel incorporating zinc dust in a concentration sufficient to give electrical conductivity in the dried film, thus enabling the zinc metal to corrode preferentially to the substrate, i.e., to give cathodic protection.

Zinc Silicate - Inorganic zinc coating.

Zinc Sulphide - Compound of zinc used as white pigment in paints.

Zinc White - A white pigment.

Zinc Yellow - (See Zinc Chromate).

Zincky - Containing or resembling zinc.

Zincoid - Relating to or resembling zinc.

Zip Tape - In gypsumboard bundles, a reinforcement paper strip to facilitate the removal of end bundling tapes.

Zippers - (See Paper Rollers).

Z-Mill - Common name for a Senzimir multiple-backup cluster mill used for cold-rolling stainless and carbon steel sheet or strip to very precise dimensions and fine finishes.

Zone - (1) In space heating or air conditioning, a specific area in a building that is kept at the same temperature. (2) A defined area of land that is limited in use to some particular purpose, such as residential, commercial, or industrial.

Zone Of Aeration - The layer in the ground above an aquifer where the available voids are filled with air. Water falling on the ground percolates through this zone on its way to the aquifer.

Zone Of Saturation - The layer in the ground in which all of the available voids are filled with water.

Zoning - (1) Government regulation of the use of privately owned land. (2) The official designation of parts of a municipality or other governmental territory to be used only for certain specified land uses.

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Painting Terms - Z

Painting Terms - Z