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Induction Time - Term used for epoxy coatings it is the time it takes before you can spray or use a coating after it has been mixed.

Industrial Maintenance Paint - A coating specifically formulated for resistance to severe industrial conditions such as heavy abrasion, water immersion, chemicals, solvents, corrosive salts, high temperatures, and so on.

Industrial Maintenance Painting - The process of applying protective coatings specifically formulated for resistance to severe environmental conditions that are usually encountered in or near industrial sites. These conditions include heavy abrasion, water immersion, chemicals, solvents, corrosive salts and atmospheres, and high temperatures. Industrial coatings are usually applied to industrial equipment, processing facilities, bridges, pipelines, utility towers, and the like.

Industrial Plant - A facility, including the buildings and equipment, in which something is engineered, processed, or manufactured. Examples include a chemical process plant or an electric generating station.

Inert - Chemically inactive; resistant to corrosion.

Inhibitor - Primer or other material used to retard rusting or corrosion.

Inorganic - Matter other than that of animal or vegetable origin. For example, minerals and simple salts are inorganic materials.

In-place Management - A series of steps used as an alternative to lead-based paint removal. Improves condition of intact lead-based paint to reduce and/or eliminate hazards without total removal.

Insoluble - The inability to be dissolved.

Insurance - Contractors have insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury that result from the contractor's work. Liability insurance usually doesn't cover the cost of repairing bad work. That's what the bond is for.

Intercoat - A layer of paint that is "sandwiched" between two others. Also refers to something occurring between coats, as in "intercoat adhesion."

Intercoat Adhesion - Adhesion between successive coats of paint or a coat of paint and the base substrate.

Intercoat Disbonding - The failure of a coating to adhere to a previous coating layer or to the base substrate to which it has been applied. Compare to "intracoat disbonding."

Interior - The inside surfaces of a structure.

Interior Trim - Wood or metal moldings, such as baseboards, door and window casings, chair rail or crown molding.

Intermediate Coat - The coating between the primer and finish often called a barrier coat.

Internal Mix - Air and paint mixed inside the gun in conventional spray methods.

Intumescence - A mechanism whereby fire-retardant paints protect the substrates to which they are applied. An intumescent paint puffs up when exposed to high temperatures, forming an insulating, protective layer over the substrate.

Intumescent Coatings - Fire retardant coating which, when heated becomes plastic and produces nonflammable gasses, such as carbon dioxide and ammonia. The gasses are trapped by the film, converting it to a foam about fifty times as thick as the original paint film. At this stage, the film solidifies, resulting in a thick, highly insulating layer of carbon, which effectively protects the substrate from fire.

Iron Phosphate Coating - A primer for industrial equipment which helps the new finish adhere to the existing finish.

Isocyanate Resin - A paint binder which is a salt of isomeric cyanic acid. It has good heat and electrical insulation properties.

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Painting Terms - I

Painting Terms - I