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Rake - The angle, incline or slope of a roof rafter.

Raw Linseed Oil - The crude product extracted from flaxseed which needs no further treatment.

Recapitulate - To repeat as a summary in concise review or form.

Recoat Time - The drying time needed between coatings.

Red Label - Identification for flammable liquids with a flash point under 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Red Lead - Lead oxide, used as a drying agent and as a pigment in the linseed oil of primers for protection against rust.

Reducer - Material that lowers a paint's viscosity but is not necessarily a solvent. (See Diluent.)

Refined Shellac - Processed white or orange shellac with the wax removed.

Reflectance - The ratio of the light that radiates onto a surface to the amount that is reflected back.

Related Colors - Two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel

Remove And Replace - Removing door and window hardware, cabinet hardware, electrical switch plates and outlet covers before painting and replacing them when finished.

Removers - Substances used to soften old varnish or paint so they may be removed easily.

Renovation Painting - A project that typically involves more significant changes to an existing building than restoration.

Repeat - The patterns on a roll or bolt of wall cover which are typically repeated every 18 inches.

Resin - A natural or synthetic, solid or semi-solid organic material which serves as the prime binding agent in most modern paints.

Restoration Painting - A project intended to return a building to its original design. Restoration often involves the removal of many coatings and repainting the entire building that has been modified over time.

Respirator - A protective device worn over the nose and mouth, like a mask, to minimize inhalation of harmful fumes.

Respiratory Protection, Approved - Approved respiratory protection equipment is that equipment tested and listed as satisfactory according to standards established by a competent authority, such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), or the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), to provide respiratory protection against the hazard for which it is designed. The specific approval authority may be specified by law for particular hazards.

Ride The Brush - To press down too hard on a paint brush causing a streaked finish and damaged brush.

Ripple Finish - A uniformly wrinkled finish which is intentionally obtained by staving.

Rise And Run - A term used to describe the degree of incline of a staircase. The rise is the vertical measurement and the run is the horizontal measurement.

Riser - (1) A vertical board under the tread of a stair step. (2) The member of an open staircase which supports the stair treads and runs at an angle from the bottom to the top of the staircase. This is commonly called the stringer.

Role Tight Or (Tight Roll) - Going as tight as you can with the roller into cut line without tagging.

Roll Goods - Wallcovering sold in rolls. A single roll is 36 square feet no matter what the width. A double roll is always 72 square feet.

Roller - A painting tool comprised of a rolling cylinder covered with a natural or synthetic material.

Roller Marks - A stipple texture pattern from roller. Usually caused by incorrect rolling technique; excessive nap length on roller cover; overloading roller with paint; or painting over slick surface without proper priming.

Rolling - Done after cutting to apply paint to a larger surface area using roller and tray.

Ropey - Paint material which dries with slight ridges and does not flow out when applied.

Ropiness - Paint dries with a stringy look because it did not flow evenly onto the surface.

Rosin - Sap resin from a pine tree.

Rottenstone - A siliceous limestone which is decomposed to a fine powder, used for polishing metals.

Rubbed Finish - Using oil and fine abrasive to produce a gloss finish on lacquers, varnishes or enamels.

Rubber Coating Material - An organic coating material composed primarily of rubber.

Run - (1) A narrow ridge of paint which has flowed down to a teardrop caused by applying too much paint. (2) The horizontal measurement of a staircase.

Runs - A blemish caused by excessive flow of the coating. Usually caused by applying too much paint or stain.

Rust - The reddish, brittle oxide formed on iron or its alloys. It is a result of exposure to air and humidity or chemicals.

Rust Inhibitor - A ferrous metal corrosion inhibitor which slows or stops the formation of rust.

Rust Preventative Paint Or Primer - The first coat of paint applied directly to iron or steel structures to slow down or prevent rust.

Rust Removal - The process of removing rust from a surface.

Rustic Siding - Drop siding.

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Painting Terms - R

Painting Terms - R