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Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) - An agency of the federal government that sets workplace health and safety standards for U.S. employees.

Oil Bloom - An iridescent appearance that occurs after a surface is rubbed or polished and free oil floats to the top.

Oil Gloss Paint - An interior paint made with boiled oil and raw linseed oil.

Oil Paint - A paint that contains a drying oil or oil varnish as the basic vehicle.

Oil Stains - There are two types of oil stains, penetrating and non penetrating. Penetrating oil stains contain dyes and resins that penetrate the surface; non penetrating oil stains contain larger amounts of pigments and are usually opaque or translucent.

Oil Varnish - A varnish used in wood finishing which contains a drying oil such as linseed, china wood, cotton seed, poppy seed, soya bean, castor oil or tung oil. It hardens slowly through oxidation.

Oil-Based Paint - Any paint made with a drying oil, such as linseed, soya or tung oil. With oil based paints you must use mineral spirits or paint thinner as the thinning agent.

Oleoresin - A pine gum obtained by distilling dead wood or by bleeding living trees. Turpentine is an example.

Oleoresinous Varnish - A varnish containing vegetable drying oil and natural or hardening synthetic resin.

Opacity - The hiding property of paint. The opposite of transparency.

Opaque Coating - A coating that hides the previous surface coating.

Opaque Stain - An exterior stain that obscures the natural color and grain of wood, but still allows the texture to show through.

Open Abrasive Blast Cleaning - An air abrasive blast cleaning operation performed without any localized containment surrounding the blast stream.

Open Shop - A firm whose employees are not covered by collective bargaining agreements; a non-union shop.

Open-Grain Wood - Wide-ringed or coarse-timbered lumber with visible pores. Mahogany, oak and walnut are open-grain.

Orange Peel - (1) The pinholing or pocketing effect on poorly applied paint. (2) A drywall texture which is spray applied.

Orange Shellac - Unbleached, amber-colored shellac.

Organic - Refers to a substance derived from living matter; the molecular structure contains carbon.

Organic Coating Defect - A defect that takes place or develops in an organic coating. It may occur during the application process, or after the coating has been exposed to the environment.

Organic Coating Process - A coating process by which an organic material, such as latex paint, plastic, asphaltic material or elastomeric material, is applied to a substrate.

Orifice - The hole or opening in the tip of a spray gun.

Overcoat - The final or finish coat.

Overlap - The area on a painted wall where the new coat crosses over or covers the previous coating.

Overspray - Paint which is sprayed beyond the intended surface area.

Oxidation - A chemical reaction with oxygen. For example, the drying of oils in oil-based paint, or the rusting of iron or steel.

Oxidize - To unite with oxygen, as in burning material, rusting metals or chalking paint.

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Painting Terms - O

Painting Terms - O