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Maintenance Painting - The upkeep, repair and repainting of painted surfaces on a regular schedule.

Maintenance Period - The period of time after the completion of a contract when the work is guaranteed and any defects must be repaired by the subcontractor. It is typically one year on new construction. Also called warranty time.

Manufacturing - Industrial production, usually involving the use of machinery.

Marbling - A decorative painting technique that imitates the color and figure of marble.

Marine Paint - Coating specially designed for immersion in water and exposure to marine atmosphere. (See also Anti-fouling Paint)

Marine Varnish - A waterproof varnish formulated to withstand submerging in salt or fresh water.

Marking Paint - The material used to mark the laying lines on saturated felt and roofing.

Masking - Protecting or shielding the edges of a painted surface, usually with tape, paper or with a metal guide.

Masking Paper - An inexpensive paper used to temporarily mask off a surface next to the area being painted.

Masking Tape - An adhesive tape used for covering and protecting edges, margins and borders of a painted or stained surface. It is important to remove masking tape promptly, because it is likely to dry out and leave a troublesome residue if left for more than two days or exposed to sunlight and heat.

Masonry - Mineral-based building material such as cement, mortar, stone, brick, and stucco.

Mastic - A heavy-bodied paste like coating of high build often applied with a trowel.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Information sheet that lists any hazardous substance that comprises one percent or more of the product's total volume. Also lists procedures to follow in the event of fire, explosion, leak or exposure to hazardous substance by inhalation, ingestion or contact with skin or eyes. Coatings manufacturers are required to provide retailers with an MSDS for every product they sell to the retailer. Sales clerks should make MSDSs available to retail customers.

Medium Roller Frame - The frames are usually 6 to 7 inches long. These frames are used in narrow surfaces.

Metal Flashing - Sheet metal used for waterproofing between open joints on exterior surfaces.

Metallic's - A class of paints that include metal flakes in their composition.

Metamerism - A phenomenon exhibited by a pair of colors which match under one or more sets of conditions, be they real or calculated. Metamerism should not be confused with "flair" or color constancy, terms which apply to the apparent color change exhibited by a single color when the spectral distribution of the light source is changed or when the angle of illumination or viewing is changed.

Mil Thickness - A unit of measure to calculate thickness of a paint on substrate or surface. Measured in millimeters.

Mildew - A mold which can stain, discolor or mar wood finishes. This parasitic fungus flourishes in high moisture areas.

Mildew Resistance - The ability of a coating to resist the growth of molds and mildew. Mildew is particularly prevalent in warm, humid climates.

Mildewcide - Chemical agent in quality paint that retards mildew, a common problem in humid climates.

Mill Scale - A term that refers to the combination of dirt, rust, and general grime that forms on a ferrous metal surface.

Mineral Spirits - Petroleum-based paint thinner.

Mini Paint Rollers - They are very handy tools, about 1 inch or less in size and can reach many tight places where a brush or full size paint roller frame can not paint efficiently.

Miscible - Mixable without separation at any ratio.

Misses - (See Holiday)

Mist Coat - A thinly-applied spray coat.

Mobility - The ability of the paint to flow with ease.

Mohair Paint Roller Covers - They are ideal for very smooth surfaces. They work with all types of paint and varnish. But they are used with oil based enamels.

Moisture-Resistant Coating - A coating that resists the penetration of moisture through itself.

Monomer - Substance composed of low molecular weight molecules capable of reacting with like or unlike molecules to form a polymer.

Mottler - A thick brush used for graining and marbling.

Mottling - Uniform, rounded speckled marks. Mottling is a defect in sprayed coats.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet. An informational document provided by the manufacturer regarding the safety and handling procedures and precautions for materials used in the workplace.

Mud Cracking - Paint or plaster which cracks like dried mud when applied too thick.

Mullion - The thin members which divide multiple glass lites in a window frame, screen or French door. Often confused with muntin.

Muntin - The small vertical bars that divide the glass in a casement window frame or vertical separators between panels in a door.

Muriatic Acid - Diluted form of hydrochloric acid which can be used to clean alkali deposits on masonry surfaces.

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Painting Terms - M

Painting Terms - M