Ceiling Painting Quote

Ceiling Painting Quote

Ceiling Painting Quote

Online Firm Quote For Ceilings & Walls

To use our Online Firm Quote you must know how to load picture into your computer and attach them to an email. Companies that have established a capital budget and want painting work to be completed in the very near future, which are now in the completive bidding process, and require a firm quote. Our company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana we developed this Online Quoting System to save estimating expenses traveling all over the U.S. and these savings are pass back to our customers in the form of lower prices. Our Online Quote is fast, free and very simple! Here is what will be required of you:

1. We require you to obtain the area's measurements (length, width, and height).

2. We require you to calculate the area's square footages.

3. We require you to take at least 3 pictures of each area with your digital camera.

That's it! We'll help you with the above.

A little work on your behalf now will save you a lot of money.

If you complete this process we will email a firm quote back to you within 24 hour. The intended use of our Offline Firm Quote is by the serious buyer and not the shopper. With a firm quote serious buyers will receive our exact price. If you accept our Firm Quote, we will be glad to setup an appointment to visit you and your facility.

You need the square footages of the areas to be painted.

1. To measure the ceiling area - Simply measure the width and length of the floor. To calculate square footage - multiply length by width.

2. To measure the sidewall area - Simply measure the length and height of each sidewall. To calculate square footage - multiply length by height. (Do not deduct for any openings, such as doors, windows and ect.) Then add up all sidewall square footages.

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Ceiling Painting Quote

Ceiling Painting Quote