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Painting Professionalism

Section 1 - Painting Professionalism

1.1 Your Uniform Is A Sign Of Quality

We have adopted the expression

Our Quality Shows

Please follow our quality signs!

Professional industrial painter uniforms are essential. Please take pride in your uniform. All crew members must be in uniform (painter's whites) at all times during working hours. A crew member is responsible to purchase his/her own uniforms, at his/her own expense as part of employment.

Uniforms includes the following:

  1. Painter's Whites
  2. White Socks
  3. Steel -Tipped Work Boots
  4. White Hard Hat
  5. Eye Protection
  6. Ear Protection
  7. Respirator (company approved)

1.2 Your Appearance Is A Sign Of Quality

Your professional appearance is very important. Please take pride in your appearance.

Appearance includes the following:

  1. Come to work showered and clean. Daily personal hygiene is a must.
  2. Neatly trim hair, beards and mustaches.
  3. No body piercing jewelry.
  4. Painter's whites must be changed daily. (Washed and clean, but paint on them is acceptable.)
  5. White socks must be changed daily. (Washed and clean)
  6. This is our dress code.

1.3 Your Cleanliness Is A Sign Of Quality

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in our business. Customers judge the way you work by your own cleanliness and neat appearance. Our Company will furnish you with the following items at no cost. Wear these items when you enter your work area and remove them and wash up when you leave it.

Your Foreman will supply you with:

  1. White paper body suits
  2. White paper shoe covers
  3. Head socks

This will certainly impress our customers, because outside our work area will remain clean, especially their break rooms, lunchrooms and rest rooms. When you leave the job, you will not get dirt and paint in vehicles, restaurants or hotels.

1.4 Craftsmanship Is A Sign Of Quality

We are dedicated to the premise of achieving the highest degree of quality craftsmanship possible. Your quality craftsmanship is the basis of our business. Word of mouth and a solid reputation help us to sell work. This will directly affect you and all our employees.

In order to achieve our quality goals

  1. You must provide adequate protection to all adjacent surfaces not to be painted.
  2. If you get paint on something that was not to be painted, immediately clean it off.
  3. You must immediately clean up any spillages with the proper agents.
  4. If you cannot successfully clean up any material or spillage, make a report immediately to your Foreman.
  5. Remember to clean as you go. This will help make the final clean up that much easier.

In the course of our work, it will be the daily responsibility of the crew members to assure the overall quality of the job. However, there will always be a Foreman periodically walking through.

The final responsibility for quality control rests with the Foreman.

1.5 Poor Craftsmanship

The company understands that accidents and mistakes will happen that are out of our control. Poor, low or bad craftsmanship will not be tolerated in this company. If the craftsmanship performed by a crew member does not meet the final quality inspection, at the election of the Foreman, one of the following can be imposed:

  1. The crew member may be asked to re-do his/her work on his/her own time and pay costs for any materials used.
  2. Another crew member may re-do the work, and any associated costs will be deducted from the paycheck of the crew member that performed the bad craftsmanship.

WARNING: Never paint, for any reason, the following:

  1. Sprinkler heads
  2. Smoke detectors
  3. Skylights
  4. Lights
  5. Electrical bus ducts
  6. Electrical shutoff boxes
  7. Crane rail tops
  8. Crane electrical raceways
  9. Signs
  10. Location numbering

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Painting Professionalism

Painting Professionalism