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Crew's Job

Section 2 - Crew's Job

2.1 Install Curtain Walls

Listed below are the responsibilities of crew members and work steps:

Step 1 - Curtain walls will stop all dirt and dust from migrating outside the work area.

  1. Hang and drop poly film curtain walls around the entire work area.
  2. Seal curtain walls at top and bottoms.

2.2 Cleaning Preparations

Step 2 - Provide all items in the work area protection from dirt, dust, and fall out. Cover with poly film:

  1. All machinery and equipment
  2. All parts and other items
  3. All floors

2.3 Cleaning Surfaces

Step 3 - Blow down, remove dirt, dust and scrape any scaling paint from:

  1. Ceilings and structure steel
  2. Piping, conduit and lines
  3. Electrical bus ducts and shut off boxes
  4. Heater, air conditioners, and ductwork
  5. Cranes and rails
  6. Sidewalls

2.4 Painting Preparation

Step 4 - Mask off and/or cover to protect these items from spray painting:

  1. Lights
  2. Sprinklers heads
  3. Skylights
  4. All piping, conduit and lines below ceiling level
  5. Electrical bus ducts and shut off boxes
  6. Heater and air conditioners
Seal off work area.
  1. Shut off all exhaust fans to parking lots no paint on cars.
  2. Shut all doors to parking lots to keep spray paint inside.

2.5 Painting Surfaces

Step 5 - Spray paint all sides of the following:

  1. Ceilings
  2. Structure steel
  3. Piping, conduit and lines
  4. Sidewalls (Block spray & back roll)
  5. Columns
Complete extra work orders including:
  1. Repair vinyl backed insulation
  2. Cranes and rails
  3. Color coding

2.6 Cleanup

Step 6 - Cleanup work area:

  1. Remove all poly film and masking.
  2. Remove sprinkler head coverings.
  3. Sweep and clean up our work area.

Finished, All ready for the production shift to start

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Crew's Job

Crew's Job