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Foreman's Job

Section 4 - Foreman's Job

4.1 Teaching New Crew Members

  1. Study and know our employee and crew manuals by heart.
  2. Have new crew members read the employee manual.
  3. Answer all questions new crew members have about the employee manual.
  4. Explain how our production bonus works.
  5. Explain why our incentive pay plan is better than getting paid hourly.
  6. Show how to measure ceiling and sidewall square footages.
  7. Show how to calculate ceiling and sidewall square footages.
  8. Show how to calculate SF/MH (square feet per man-hour) completed.
  9. Explain what completed and uncompleted work means.
  10. Explain what our company craftsmanship and quality standards means.
  11. Explain what the primary job function is on the crew and responsibilities each member has.
  12. Explain how to work best together as a team.
  13. Explain how to get the job done in the most efficient way.

4.2 Job Initiation

  1. Visit, meet and get on good terms with the customer.
  2. Visit and inspect the job. Double-check the measured square footages.
  3. Find out what the customer expects.
  4. Locate and visit hotels; shop for the best price and make reservations.
  5. Locate and visit lift rental companies; shop for the best price, and make reservations.
  6. Locate the nearest paint store.
  7. Help set the base square feet per man-hour for the crew.
  8. Prepare a materials and sundries list.
  9. Calculate Foreman's bonus and set your goal.
  10. Fill out reports and submit to the office for final approval.
  11. Make sure materials and lifts have arrived at job.
  12. Mobilize crews to job site.
  13. Check into hotel.
  14. Orient crew to job, explaining what customer expects.

4.3 Coaching New Crews

  1. Monitor the progress of each crew member while performing his/her job function.
  2. Continually point out the most efficient way for each crew member to complete the work.
  3. Continually point out any work that does not conform to our quality standards.
  4. Calculate and communicate to the crew their SF/MH progress.
  5. Daily calculate and communicate to the crew their estimated bonus pay.
  6. Daily praise each crew member for doing a good job.
  7. Daily motivate the crew by explaining expectation of good work, by being aware of good and poor performances, and correcting what should be corrected.
  8. Point out ways to increase quality and performance.

4.4 Supervising Production

  1. Make sure there are always enough materials on the job.
  2. Make sure crew members show up wearing white uniforms.
  3. Make sure crew members show up with respirators.
  4. Make sure crew members properly perform each step of the work area before continuing to the next step.
  5. Inspect each crew member's paint usage and calculate square feet coverage/gallon. Lower paint usage means a bigger Foreman bonus.
  6. Inspect and turn in time cards on Mondays.
  7. Inspect and measure square footage completed for the week and turn in a completion report for crew's production bonus on Mondays.

4.5 Customer Relations

  1. Continually meet with the customer and ask about any concerns he/she may have.
  2. Make absolutely sure that the customer feels good about the progress of our work.
  3. Make absolutely sure that the customer feels good about the quality of our work.
  4. Get approval on the percentage work we have completed for the week.
  5. Ask the customer if we may quote on Addison work.

4.6 Job Completions

  1. Walk the customer through the job and write down a final punch list.
  2. Complete the customer's final punch list.
  3. Meet with the customer and get final approval before crews return home. It gets costly to send men back, and it comes out of the Foreman's bonus.
  4. Call-in and schedule lift returns as soon as possible. Saving money means a larger bonus for the Foreman.
  5. Inspect rooms and check crew out of hotels. Now is the time to catch any crew member that has damaged a room. The damage costs can still be deducted from the crew members bonus and not yours.

Our work is complete only after we have received final authorization from the customer. Once we have authorization, the Foreman will do the final inspection to insure that we have properly completed all the work.

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Foreman's Job

Foreman's Job