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Disability Benefits

Section 7 - Disability Benefits

7.1 Sick Days

Three 3 paid sick days are permitted to all salaried employees. The Company may require appropriate documentation for such sick leave.

7.2 Accidents And Illnesses

All accidents, injuries, or illness involving Industrial Painter .com employees, and customers must be reported to your Supervisor immediately. If available, the individual should go to the first aid area. It is absolutely essential that complete accident reports be filled out right after the incident takes place.

7.3 Accident Investigation

From a practical standpoint, experience is still the best teacher, and we investigate accidents to determine what happened for the purpose of detecting what specifically should be done to eliminate or control hazards.

Keep in mind that an accident isn't exactly the same thing as an injury. An accident is an unplanned event, something unexpected. It can result in a work interruption, property loss, injury or even a (near-miss). A heavy tool is dropped from forty feet, damaging a piece of equipment. A ladder breaks, but no one is hurt. These are both accidents. Even though no one was hurt they are still undesirable events and both should be investigated to prevent reoccurrence.

7.4 Investigate Every Accident

Every accident consists of a cause and a result. An accident involving a slight injury may reveal as many constructive conclusions as the investigation of a serious injury. When describing the cause of an accident, be accurate and specific. Concluding that an accident was caused by (employee carelessness) does not really identify the problem. Perhaps the person did not have adequate skill and experience to perform the job correctly. Was the employee properly trained in the correct methods? These are the kind of specifics, which can really help when it comes time to take action to prevent the accident from occurring again.

7.5 Eliminating Hazards

Remember Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Again, don't make the mistake of oversimplifying your solution. If someone is injured by a fall caused by a defective ladder, merely destroying the ladder is not the proper solution. Perhaps an inspection of all ladders should be made. Are other crafts in the area responsible for the damage? Did the employee alter the ladder in some way making it unsafe? Are ladders of the same brand defective? Was the correct ladder for the job being used? There can be many reasons and therefore many solutions. Take the time to find the right one. Don't let the valuable information gained from an investigation go to waste. Take immediate steps to put your findings into action.

7.6 Maternity Leave Policy

Every salaried female employee is now entitled as a matter of law to at least eight (8) weeks maternity leave if she complies with the following conditions:

She has completed an initial probationary period set by her employer which does not exceed six (6) months or in the event the employer does not utilize the probationary period for the position in question, has been employed for at least three (3) consecutive months; and She gives two (2) weeks notice of her expected departure date and notice that she intends to return to her job. She is entitled to return to the same or a similar position without loss of employment benefits for which she was eligible on the date her leave commenced, if she terminates her maternity leave within eight (8) weeks.

Accrued sick leave benefits shall be provided for maternity leave purposes under the same terms and conditions, which apply to other temporary medical disabilities. In accordance with Company policy, and the foregoing statutory requirements, the Company provides every full-time female employee who has been employed for at least three (3) consecutive months with eight (8) weeks maternity leave without pay subject to the conditions and exceptions set forth in Indiana General Laws.

7.7 Workmens' Compensation Insurance

Industrial Painter .com carries Workman's' Compensation Insurance in full compliance with State law. In order to protect your own interests in case of work related injury or illness, we request that you follow these procedures:

  1. Except in the case of extreme emergency, report your accident or injury to your immediate Supervisor BEFORE you actually leave the premises that day. Unless prompt notification is made, coverage may not be available.
  2. Fill out an accident report, in detail, as soon as possible.
  3. Stay in regular contact (minimum of once weekly) with your immediate Supervisor to keep them posted on your situation.
  4. Forward copies of all doctor's notes, reports and bills to Industrial Painter .com's office, so that we have them for our records.

7.8 Health Insurance

The Company, at the present time, offers no health insurance benefits.

7.9 Life Insurance

The Company, at the present time, offers no life insurance benefits.

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Disability Benefits | Company Manual

Disability Benefits | Company Manual