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Reimbursement Policies

Section 8 - Reimbursement Policies

8.1 Membership In Organizations

Employees are strongly encouraged to participate in professional organizations whose dedicated purpose is instruction in a field of study applicable to the employee's job function. The company will pay one-half the expense of membership and meetings, including travel, meals, and housing. In all cases, prior approval for reimbursement must be obtained in writing from the President. Reimbursement for attending meetings outside the commuting distance of the office will be allowed only when participation in the program can be deemed to directly benefit both the employee and the Company. Management may require certain employees to participate in professional organizations and to attend certain meetings. In these cases, the company will pay the total expense of participation.

8.2 Seminars And Other Training

Only seminars and training that relate directly to the duties and responsibilities in an employee's current position will be approved for reimbursement.

8.3 Normal Operations Area

Industrial Painter .com has defined the geographic area for Normal Operations. Production employees assigned to projects within this geographic area will be required to travel to and from the job site at their own expense. The company will not reimburse employees when traveling in this area. This area is defined as: Within a 30 mile radius in any direction from the center point (Old Court House) of the City of Fort Wayne, IN.

8.4 Travel Operations Area

Industrial Painter .com has defined the geographic area for Travel Operations. Production employees assigned to projects outside the Normal Operations Area will be eligible for certain travel reimbursements. This area is defined as: Outside a 30 mile radius in any direction from the center point (Old Court House) of the City of Fort Wayne, IN.

8.5 Travel Mileage

Production employees assigned to projects where travel to and from the job site is within the normal operation are not entitled to any mileage reimbursement. For production employees assigned to projects, which are located in the travel Operation Area, the company will designate a company driver. A company-designated driver is one who uses his/her own personal vehicle for car-pooling.

Who may qualify as a company designated driver;
  1. The employee must have a copy, on file in the office of a valid drivers license and certificate of insurance.
  2. Must have a dependable vehicle that holds at least four passengers.
  3. Is always on time to pickup and return his/her fellow employees.
  4. Must work a full eight-hour day on the job site.

Designated company drivers will be reimbursed on a mileage basis determined at the same rate as the U.S. Government pays its employees.

This covers all gas, oil, maintenance and repairs, insurance, etc. A map will be used to determine the mileage traveled by the designated driver.

The designated driver must turn in travel mileage reimbursement with his/her time card on Sundays, with the foreman's signed approval. Mileage reimbursement is paid by the company monthly or the last pay day of the month. A production employee may elect not to travel with the designated driver. They can drive to the job site on his/her own. No mileage reimbursement will be paid to any employee that travels on his or her own to the job site.

8.6 Travel Time

Production employees when working outside the Normal Operations Area, are entitled to travel time when approved by a company superintendent. Travel Time allowed per day, per job, will be computed and established by the company on a job-by-job basis. Time waiting on a driver, other employees and shop time is not allowed. Travel Time will be paid as regular wages and overtime wages.

The foreman will give travel Time to the employee on a day-by-day basis, and only on days where the employee completes eight full hours of production work. If for any reason production hours of less than 8 hours are worked on any day; the allowable travel time for that day will not be allowed. Travel Time hours must be included, but listed separately, on the employee's regular time card by the assigned job foreman and approved with the foreman's signature.

8.7 Travel Hotel Accommodations

A production employee may be authorized by the company to stay out of town. If it is determined by the company that its less expensive to make hotel accommodations than paying Travel Mileage and Travel Time. In these circumstances, the company will make arrangements for hotel accommodations, and the assigned foreman will handle these arrangements. Expense receipts are required for all room expenses.

Only the assigned foreman will be issued an expense check for Travel Expenses. The assigned foreman is responsible for all expense reporting and Moines advanced. An expense report will be issued for each check that is issued. The foreman is to properly fill out the expense report and attach all necessary receipts. The check number and foreman's name must be listed on the expense report at the time the check is issued. A copy of the check and expense report must be on file in the office. If an employee decides to travel home for the night, then he/she will not receive reimbursements from the company.

8.8 Travel Food Expenses

The company will pay a food expense allowance, to each production employee, $20.00 per day while staying out of town. No receipts are required for this food allowance. The assigned foreman is responsible for all Travel Food Moines when available. The employee must work a full eight hour day to be eligible for Travel Food.

8.9 Travel Advances

Any employee who will incur travel or entertainment expenses while performing responsibilities assigned by the company must be prepared to personally pay for these expenses and then secure reimbursement. Sales Representatives who will incur such expenses on a regular basis should secure a personal credit card for charges. The employee should submit an expense report once each monthly to secure prompt reimbursement.

8.10 Entertainment Expenses

When a sales representative entertains a business - related individual, all costs will be reimbursed Note: Each employee seeking reimbursement must submit to the Office for approval, of an expense with such documentation as is necessary to clearly evidence the amount and purpose of the expenses to be reimbursed. It is the Office responsibility to approve reimbursement of only those expenses that conform to this policy. It is mandatory that the employees seek prior authorization from the President in order to receive any reimbursements.

8.11 Telephone Expenses

The company will reimburse all necessary telephone calls that are strictly company business. The company will accept any collect calls that also pertain to company business.

8.12 Gasoline Expense

Any employee that purchases gasoline for a company vehicle during the month is required to complete the gas and mileage report showing the job number, job name and gas purchases for each job. This report must be turned into the Office Supervisor at the end of each month. Gas purchases for personal vehicles for company use will be allowed only if authorized by a Supervisor. For proper authorization the Supervisor's signature must appear on the gasoline receipt, which must be turn in to the Office.

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Reimbursement Policies | Company Manual

Reimbursement Policies | Company Manual