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Crew Leader's Job

Section 3 - Crew Leader's Job


The crew leader has a large job and the authority to ask any crew member, at anytime, to help him with his job.

Make sure your crew members:

  1. Show up wearing uniform
  2. Show up with the proper appearance
  3. When entering the work area wear paper body suits
  4. When entering the work area wear paper shoe covers
  5. Work safely
  6. Use hard hats, steel-toed boots, eye protection, ear protection, safety harness and respirators
  7. Perform with quality craftsmanship
  8. Cover everything properly
  9. Clean everything properly
  10. Spray paint everything properly
  11. Performing with maximum production levels
  12. When leaving the work area remove paper body suits
  13. When leaving the work area remove paper shoe covers
  14. Leave work area clean every day


Make sure you help in production by doing the following:

  1. Use a lazar light to point out to painter holidays.
  2. Stop and demand painters to cover holidays before they are allowed to continue.
  3. Keep spray line away from lifts.
  4. Stop lifts from pulling coverings off floor and equipment.
  5. Get tanks and keep lifts full of propane.
  6. Keep pots full of paint at all times.
  7. Never let the pumps wine when out of paint.
  8. Squirt of oil in pump after every 5 gallons of paint.
  9. Move pumps and paint containers as sprayers advance.
  10. When necessary, in keeping production levels up, you must cover, clean and paint.


Make sure you breakdown and clean daily the following:

  1. Spray pumps. No paint on outside of pumps except tires and lines.
  2. Pump screens.
  3. Spray guns and screens.
  4. Spray gun tips and housings.
  5. Spray gun poles and housings.
  6. After cleaning reassemble and leave pumps under pressure until next use.
Make sure you:
  1. Have spray pumps always ready to go to work at all times.
  2. Replace daily the 5' gallon paint screen that is taped to the paint pickup shaft.
  3. Repack pumps at breakdowns.
  4. Breakdown and repair spray guns.
  5. Keep an inventory of the right gun parts and pump repacking kits.


Make sure you:

  1. Spray soap on lifts prior to use then clean up is made easy.
  2. Keep man lift platforms clear of trash.
  3. Keep propane - powered man lifts full of fuel.
  4. Keep electric - powered man lifts plugged in to charge every day.


Make sure you:

  1. Keep trucks washed and clean at all times.
  2. Clean paint off the outside and inside of the trucks.
  3. Keep truck seats and floors covered with poly film.

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Crew Leader's Job

Crew Leader's Job