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Section 12 - Company Property

12.1 Use Of Company Property

All corporate assets must be used for company business, rather than personal use. Facilities, trucks and equipment will not be used for personal gain or convenience, unless authorized by the President of the Company.

NOTE: Any employee who violates this policy is subject to severe disciplinary procedures, inclusive of, but not limited to, termination.

12.2 Security

Employees are responsible for all tools, material, equipment, and supplies entrusted to their care or to which they have access. For your own protection:

  1. NEVER leave the work area with tools and equipment unattended.
  2. STAY ALERT - Pay attention to customers, and their employees.
  3. NOTIFY your Supervisor of any problems or questionable people.
  4. MAKE SURE the truck is locked at the end of the day or if you must leave it for any reason throughout the day.
REMEMBER: You are responsible for all thefts. You must take all steps possible to minimize security risks. Work with us to safeguard our company.

12.3 Material Handling

All paint drums should be left open, in a well-ventilated area, once they are emptied. Keep your materials in their original container; this will help the shop in knowing what type of area to store any material that is sent back to the warehouse.

12.4 Equipment Cleaning

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in our business. Customers judge the way you work not only by your own cleanliness and neat appearance, but also by the cleanliness of your equipment, tools and etc. We simply cannot put enough stress on the importance of keep things clean. When tarps become dirty, they must be cleaned at a Laundromat so that they are nice and clean, ready for the next, new project.

12.5 Equipment Handling

  1. All equipment items must be signed out at the warehouse on Industrial Painter .com, Equipment Inventory Transaction Sheets.
  2. Only Company Foreman can check out equipment items.
  3. After signing out equipment items, Company Foreman accepts financial responsibility for all equipment and items lost, stolen, damaged, and/or broken until such time they are signed back in.
  4. It is your responsibility to keep all equipment that you work with clean.
  5. Please inform your Supervisor if you find any equipment problems.
  6. Never try to operate a piece of equipment unless you are fully trained on its use.
  7. Employees must follow normal maintenance checks on all equipment. Check all equipment lubricants, hydraulic and engine oils every day prior to use.

12.6 Company Vehicles

All employees must provide the office with a copy of a valid drivers license before driving any company vehicle. Any employee that has at least 2 DWI's, Driving While Intoxicated charges, will not be allowed to drive any company vehicles for insurance reasons.

12.7 Company Keys

Keys for secured areas such as trucks, office, and storage areas are specifically assigned to designated individuals. They are not to be lent out or copied under any circumstance. The individual to whom the keys are assigned is solely responsible for them. If they are missing, lost or stolen, notify your supervisor immediately. When employment is terminated, for whatever reason, all keys must be returned to the Company. If not, the employee's last paycheck will be withheld until all keys are returned.

NOTE: Any employee who violates this policy is subject to severe disciplinary procedures, inclusive of, but not limited to, termination.

12.8 Company Office And Facilities

Employees are expected to help keep the office areas, shop, and restrooms clean at all times. Employees are not permitted in the office, at any time, unless the office staff is present.

12.9 Purchase Orders

All projects will be assigned specific, individual purchase orders. The Project Supervisor will issue these purchase order numbers for material, suppliers, equipment, and etc.. The Foreman on each project will also have purchase orders available to use for unexpected situations. When the Foreman purchases items against these purchase orders he/she MUST give the supplier the job name and/or job number. ANY invoices from suppliers that do not have the job name and/or job number on them will become the responsibility of that particular job foreman and may be deducted from his/her wages.

An employee may only purchase items on the company's charge accounts with written authorization of the Office Supervisor. After receiving official authorization, the employee must receive a PO#, purchase order number, from the company office in order to charge on any account. The purchase order number shows proof authorization to the supplier and is also used as a means of documentation by the office.

12.10 Quality Inspections

In the course of any project, it will be the daily responsibility of the assigned job Supervisor to assure the overall quality of their project. However, there will always be a periodic walk-through. The final responsibility for quality control rests with the Project Supervisor. Quality of your workmanship is the basis of our business. Word-of-mouth and a solid reputation helps us to sell work. This will directly effect any and all employees of this company. Poor workmanship will not be tolerated.

12.11 Job Scheduling

Job scheduling will be the sole responsibility of the Project Supervisor and the Field Superintendent.

12.12 Job Finalization

Our projects are complete only after we have received final authorization from the Owner, their Representative or the General Contractor. Once we have authorization, the Project Supervisor, Field Superintendent and the Job Foreman will do the final inspection to insure that we have properly cleaned all work areas and have stored all materials according to industry and manufacturers standards.

12.13 Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling will be the responsibility of the Superintendent and/or the Job Supervisor.

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Company Property | Company Manual

Company Property | Company Manual