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Benefit Policies

Section 6 - Benefit Policies

6.1 Anniversary Date

An employee's anniversary date is the date that the employee actually begins performing work for Industrial Painter .com. A part-time employee whose status is changed to full-time, their anniversary date will be the date the employee begins full-time employment. Anniversary dates will not change for an employee who goes on an approved leave of absence.

An employee who has been officially separated from Industrial Painter .com and is re-hired at a later date must establish a new anniversary date, regardless of the period of time which has elapsed between the separation and the re-hire, except instances of leaves of absences permitted by law or granted by the Company at its Own discretion.

6.2 Vacation Eligibility

Industrial Painter .com provides vacation-time based on length of employment to its salaried and full-time hourly employees. No vacation benefits are provided to part-time employees.

6.3 Vacation Pay

When an employee reaches their employment anniversary date of one year, they will have earned a one-week paid vacation. When they have reached their two-year anniversary date, they will have earned a two-week paid vacation. Any employee who wishes to take his/her vacation is required to submit to the President a written notice at least two weeks prior to the time they are requesting off. An employee cannot accumulate vacation weeks and take more than 1 week off at any given time. Vacation-time is not accrued by days or months worked; you must work a full year to receive vacation-time. A vacation year is a period of one (1) year beginning the first day of the first pay period of the calendar year and ending the last day of the last pay period of the calendar year.

6.4 Vacation Scheduling

1. The Office Supervisor schedules and records employees' vacations. 2. Management reserves the right not to allow vacation time during peak business periods. 3. Employees must take all earned vacation by the end of the following calendar year after it is earned or it is forfeited. Industrial Painter .com does not pay in lieu of earned vacation. 4. Paid holidays occurring during a scheduled vacation are not counted as used vacation.

6.5 Personal Days

Personal days apply to salaried employees only. Personal days are not to be used as additional sick days or vacation days, and all employees will use them each year. The President must approve personal days and the request should be made at least one week in advance of the desired day so that proper coverage can be arranged. Personal days cannot be accumulated from one year to the next year. There will be issued (3) paid personal days each year. Employees who resign or are terminated will not receive any earned personal days.

6.6 Jury Duty

Should an employee be called upon to report for jury duty, the employee must notify the President or appropriate supervisor immediately and keep this person informed of the probable length of service. Leave for jury duty will be permitted in accordance with Federal and State Laws. Reimbursement for lost wages shall be paid as required by such Federal and State Laws.

6.7 Funeral Leave Pay

Funeral Leave applies to salaried employees only. In the event of the death of a member of the immediate family, an employee is allowed an absence with pay for the (3) calendar days immediately following the death. A spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and legal guardian are considered members of the immediate family for this purpose. If an employee wishes to attend the funeral of a deceased person who is not a member of the immediate family, then the company may allow one day's leave with pay depending upon individual circumstances.

6.8 Leave Of Absence

A leave of absence is granted in writing by the company and permits the employee to return to a position equal to or more responsible than the one vacated. During the leave, compensation and other benefits will not be available except for insurance benefits, which can be continued at the employee's expense providing the insurance carrier will permit it. Employees may be granted up to six months' leave of absence for extreme personal circumstances or to meet the work schedule of the employee's position.

Salaried employee with one of more years of continuous employment may request a leave of absence. Such requests should be made in writing to the Office Supervisor. The Office Supervisor is the only person who can approve or disapprove a LOA, (except for leaves of absences permitted by law), and the approval of any requests for leaves of absences shall be at the sole discretion of the Company. No LOA can exceed one year.

6.9 Holiday Pay

The company eligibility for pay during a working holiday or break, or pay for working on a day included in a holiday or break period, is covered in the policy titled Pay Practices. To be eligible for holiday pay, an employee must:

  1. Have successfully completed the probationary period.
  2. Be classified as a full-time employee.
  3. Report to work for scheduled days a week before and a day after the holiday.
  4. Satisfactorily complete all work assignments for the holiday period.
  5. Be actively employed. No holiday pay if on a leave of absence.

The company allows up to eight holidays per calendar year for salaried employees.

Approved holidays are:

  1. New Year's Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving and the Friday thereafter
  6. Christmas Day
  7. One additional holiday to be selected by the company each year.

A holiday that falls on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday. A holiday that falls on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday. The company will normally observe the holidays and breaks shown in the company's working calendar; however, the company may require he/she to work or attend programs or functions on some days when he/she is on holiday or break.

Holiday pay is straight-time equal to your normal work shift, not to exceed eight (8) hours. Holiday pay does not count towards the compilation of overtime hours. If an employee works on any of the above holidays they will receive pay for time worked plus eight hours holiday pay at their regular rate.

6.10 Severance Pay

The Company, at the present time, offers no severance pay.

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Benefit Policies | Company Manual

Benefit Policies | Company Manual