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Unethical Acts

Section 10 - Unethical Acts

10.1 Representation And Unethical Acts

Any act by omission or commission that is contrary to the goals, objectives, and policies of the company or that jeopardizes the integrity of the company, will justify immediate termination of employment. Such acts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Misrepresentation of operating information, including falsification of reports or records of any kind.
  2. Bribery, coercion, or similar methods of influencing people within or outside the company in order to gain business or personal advantage.
  3. Acceptance of gifts, favors, money or other forms of compensation from individuals or organizations with whom Industrial Painter .com has or expects to have a relationship, excluding usual and customary business entertainment or promotional activities.
  4. Unauthorized release of information which can cause a competitive disadvantage to the company or which is intended to result in personal gain.
  5. Theft of company money or property or any criminal activity, including that not directed toward the company.
  6. Flagrant misrepresentation of the company's programs, services, and credentials.
An employee terminated for misrepresentation, or an unethical act, will be paid accrued salary and vacation pay through the date the employee is relieved of job responsibilities, but will not receive severance pay or any form of compensation or benefit not required by law.

10.2 Outside Employment

The company understands and has no objection to your working another job unless the company determines that a negative impact on your ability to satisfy job-related requirements of your position with Industrial Painter .com as a result from some other employment. No Industrial Painter .com employee should accept employment with a client, facility, or suppliers, nor will employees of the client, facility, or suppliers be hired except upon mutual approval by the respective Supervisors. If another job conflicts with your commitment to Industrial Painter .com, you should discuss this problem with your Supervisor.

10.3 Outside Investments

Industrial Painter .com encourages employees to develop a personal financial plan. However, to avoid any conflict of interest that could adversely affect the employee's performance and/or Industrial Painter .com investments in companies are prohibited if they fall into any of the following categories:

  1. A company that competes with Industrial Painter .com providing one or more of the same services as Industrial Painter .com
  2. A company that supplies goods or services to Industrial Painter .com.
(Items 2 and 3 above shall not apply if the investment represents less than one percent of the outstanding common stock of a publicly owned corporation.) If a member of the organization does have an investment that is prohibited by the above, full disclosure must be made to the President of Industrial Painter .com Written permission to retain such an investment may be granted only where it is clear that the employee will not be confronted with any conflict of interest that could prove detrimental to the employee's performance and/or Industrial Painter .com

10.4 Goodwill

You are the most important goodwill representative for our Company. Therefore you must never make negative, or disparaging comments regarding the Company, its products, its employees, its Supervisors, or its customers.

NOTE: Any employee who violates this policy is subject to severe disciplinary procedures, inclusive of, but not limited to, termination.

10.5 Public Statements

Company personnel are not permitted to make Company statements to the press or the public. Any such inquiries are to be directed to the President to avoid possible misrepresentations or false information about the Company or its employees.

NOTE: Any employee who violates this policy is subject to severe disciplinary procedures, inclusive of, but not limited to, termination.

10.6 Confidentiality

Industrial Painter .com, Inc. deals with many companies. Certain transactions, lists and proprietary information are of a confidential and sensitive nature. As an employee of the Company, you may be exposed daily to confidential information.

  1. None of this confidential information should be passed on to anyone in any form: verbally, in writing, by copy or redistribution by any means.
  2. Work should stay at work.
  3. Employee problems should be discussed with Management, and always be kept confidential.
NOTE: Any employee who violates this policy is subject to severe disciplinary procedures, inclusive of, but not limited to, termination.

10.7 Trade Secrets

Due to the competitiveness of our industry, all files, blueprints, customer lists, accounting records and contracts are considered trade secrets and cannot be divulged without prior management approval.

NOTE: Immediate termination is guaranteed if these rules are violated.

10.8 Opening Charge Accounts

Under no circumstances should an employee open any charge account in the company's name. The only person that is authorized to open any type of charge account is the Office Supervisor. If you have the need for any purchasers that contribute to the company operation, discuss them with the Office Supervisor first.

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Unethical Acts | Company Manual

Unethical Acts | Company Manual