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Painting Sales Representative

Industrial Painter .com is a successful, growing company which specializes in painting and cleaning industrial facilities throughout the United States. We are committed to creating intimate customer relationships that distinguish Industrial Painter .com as a premier business partner for our customers.

Our sales force is expanding to ensure high quality customer responsiveness, and to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Industrial Painter .com is currently one of the fastest growing companies within the industrial painting industry. We are seeking dynamic, self-motivated, solid sales professionals to manage an established territory and who have a desire to achieve UNLIMITED income.

Our company is expanding its marketing program worldwide and is forming an independent sales representatives network to support the effort. Candidate reps/groups/firms must have expertise with existing accounts and contacts in the heavy/light industrial or manufacturing sectors. Exclusive opportunities in defined territories and/or niche markets available worldwide.

Experience in the industrial painting business is not required. Representatives need only submit certain information online such as, the contact information, the areas measurements and a few pictures. That's it, the rep has no further involvement, and we'll do all the rest, prepare the quote with a 1-day turnaround, negotiate, visit the site, and close.

We have divided the U.S. into major sales regions. Defined as regional territories each region will have only one (Regional Rep). We have further divided each sales region into states and/or niche markets. Defined as (State Territories) each State Territory may well support the combined efforts of more than one (Territorial Rep).

Because we do not charge a franchise fee, we do not assign exclusive territories at this time. We do, however, strive to insure that another Sales Representative does not duplicate your efforts. We do this by allowing you exclusive access to the all persons, companies, and manufactures in defined territory.

Once you have made a sales contact or call on them, and informed us of your efforts towards making a sale to them, we will inform any other possible Sales Representatives in your area that these are (your customers), and we will not authorized anyone else to contact them on our behalf.

We will review our policy on (Sales Territories) instance-by-instance if you need us to: It is always our desire to make sure our representatives are happy with the protections we provide and allow them. It is, however, usually undesirable for either a representative or ourselves to claim an exclusive territory in area's where the market may well support the combined efforts of more than one person or business.

At this time, there are no instances where this is a concern. We provide such a liberal compensation and such tremendous sales support that most all sales areas can adequately support the representatives.

One area where we know many representatives can be supported is the World-Wide Web on the Internet. With almost every modern business having a presence there, we feel it is virtually impossible to experience a duplication of efforts.

We will, however, be able to provide you with protections of being an ( Exclusive Representative) on the Web by use of modern technology to identify how a customer was referred to us. If they came to us via a Web page or Sales Literature Email of yours, we will be able to tell, and you will receive the commission.

Our server logs will be open to you if there is any question of the origin of a customer.

Individual concerns of yours can be address on a case-by-case situation, but please know we do not anticipate problems now or in the future.

Your Selling Responsibilities:

  1. Visit your customers and pitch for new business.
  2. Introduce our company and show the customer our web site.
  3. Use our web site as your sales tool.
  4. Find out if they're just shopping or know pricing.
  5. Find out when their funds will be available.
  6. Assemble quoting information.
  7. Us our web site to get a quote.
  8. Follow-up and get a verbal commitment.
  9. That's it; we'll do the rest!

Our Closing Responsibilities:

  1. We'll follow up to see if they like the quote.
  2. We'll visit the site for final inspection and close.

Assemble Quoting Information:

  1. Ask the customer if they have measurements of the areas..
  2. Ask the customer if they have prints.
  3. Measure the areas, if the answers above are NO.
  4. Take the required photos of work to be completed.
  5. Email in photos with the quote information.
  6. Digital downloads are recommended.
  7. Will the work done all at once or be done area by area?
  8. When will we have access to work in the plant?
  9. Do they work 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts, weekends, or holidays?
  10. Do they shutdown the plant, and what are the dates?

If you are a successful candidate, this is your compensation:

  1. Compensation: 5% Straight Commission
  2. First Year Target Earnings: $40,000 to $80,000.
  3. Top performers earn $100,000+.
  4. Bonus plans
  5. Excellent career advancement potential
  6. Opportunity to grow with an industry leader

Location: You can live anywhere in the U.S.

Call Now - 1.800.354.9165 - Toll Free

Painting Sales Representative

Painting Sales Representative