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Employment Policies

Section 3 - Employment Policies

3.1 Orientation Checklist

  1. Employment Application properly completed
  2. Employment Test successfully completed
  3. Copy of Valid Driver's License or State I. D. submitted with application
  4. W-4 / I-9 completed
  5. Read, understand and sign Policies and Procedures Manual
  6. Answer all questions on company work rules, regulations, job descriptions, and checklists after reading the manual
  7. References checked and acceptable
  8. Interview conducted with immediate supervisor
  9. Distribute a key phone number list
  10. Training with the supervisor and on the job training with co-workers
  11. Receive specific training and safety manuals necessary to successfully satisfy job duties

NOTE: If any of the above has not been completed, please notify your supervisor immediately. It is to your benefit only!

3.2 Personal Records

It is the employee's specific responsibility to make sure that all pertinent information in your file is accurate and kept up-to-date at all times. Notify the Office Supervisor of any change in your home address and home phone number(s) person(s) to be reached in case of an emergency or other relevant personal data. If the information in your file is not correct, problems may arise concerning scheduling, employee benefits, taxes and other important matters. It is your responsibility to make sure your personal file records are accurate and up-to-date.

3.3 Company Paperwork

All Company required paperwork must be filled out legibly, honestly, accurately, completely, and on a timely basis. Falsification, lack of cooperation, and chronic problems regarding any required Company paperwork procedures and records may result in disciplinary action including suspension and/or termination.

3.4 Release Of Information

Information specific to an employee (current or former), may not be released to individuals, agencies or organizations outside the company except as required by law or regulation or when written consent is given by the individual concerned and the release is approved by the company.

3.5 Employment References

When a former employee refers an inquiring party to the company as an employment reference only the confirmation of employment dates and the amount of compensation will be provided unless express permission to provide further information is granted by the President.

3.6 Employment Of Related Persons

Related persons may be employed at Industrial Painter .com provided that the President of the company approves. As used in this policy the term (close relatives) means persons of any family relationship, including one by marriage or engagement for marriage, but particularly a spousal relationship, such that the degree of closeness would interfere with objective performance evaluation and equal treatment for all employees. In making decisions to employ relatives, the President or Supervisor will use the following guidelines:

  1. Employment of close relatives in full-time permanent positions within the same department is discouraged.
  2. Close relatives will not be employed concurrently in management positions at the organization level that reports directly to the President.

3.7 Employee Referrals

Industrial Painter .com, Inc. employees are encouraged to recommend prospective applicants for employment with Industrial Painter .com Our best workers where referred by other employees. However, the company is under no obligation to hire your friend, relatives, or acquaintances. Though current employees have recommended many excellent employees, the following will be observed:

  1. More than one source of applicants will be used
  2. Applicants will be reviewed
  3. References will be checked
  4. Interview process will be followed
  5. Affirmation action consideration will be made
  6. The best qualified applicant will be hired regardless of the source
  7. Please do not needlessly badger your supervisor about hiring (your candidate).

3.8 Unhappy Employees

Regardless of your position with Industrial Painter .com you may at one time or another have questions or complaint pertaining to Company policies, procedures, actions, or incidents. Industrial Painter .com encourages you to seek assistance in resolving your questions or grievances. Remember, it is a vote of confidence for an employee to bring a complaint or suggestion to his/her supervisor.

The time to resolve a problem is while it is small. An open and honest discussion of the problem between you and your supervisor should in most cases help result in an acceptable solution to both of you.

3.9 Problem Solving

You are expected to follow the established chain of supervision at all times when attempting to resolve a problem. You should present any problems that develop to your immediate supervisor. All problems should be resolved at the nearest level of organizational circumstances as objectively as possible and not let personal prejudices interfere.

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Employment Policies | Company Manual

Employment Policies | Company Manual